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We value our patients' experience at Graham Chiropractic Wellness Center. If you are currently a chiropractic patient, please feel free to complete the following Client Experience Questionnaire. The Questionnaire is in Adobe Acrobat format, and requires the free Acrobat Reader to view.

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Dr. Chester Graham
Your Modesto Chiropractor

R. Hill,  Modesto

I have only just begun my DRX treatment and I'm already walking without my cane!

I am so impressed with the treatments here at Dr Grahams' office.  The staff have made me feel welcome right from my first phone call to the office. It has made a nerve racking experience , and the possibility of surgery a thing of the past. I'm looking forward to even more improvement with my next treatment sessions.

W. Dale,   Manteca CA

All my life I have been very active and physical in work and in play.  In June 2007 it finally caught up with me.  Through some very minimal day to day tasks my back went out and I was unable to walk without the use of a cane or crutches and in constant pain.

The doctor said it was due to the slippage and deterioration over many years of my L4 & L5 vertebrae's.  Over the course of 6 months I tried many treatments to alleviate the pain and regain my ability to walk again including Physical Therapy, pain pills, and massage therapy.  None of which worked.  I felt the only alternative to regain my freedom was surgery.  So I consulted a specialist and was scheduled for surgery at the beginning of the New Year 2008.

Fortunately my daughter cut out a small article in the paper talking about a new treatment for back problems.  Two weeks before my surgery date I went in for a consultation.  Everything seemed to make sense so I decided to give it a shot.  If it didn't work I can still have surgery.

I signed up for half of the recommended treatments, willing to try it but not fully believing it would help.  Obviously I was frustrated from the last 6 months of trial and error hope and disappointment.  The first 6 treatments were an improvement with some pain.  By the 7th treatment I could walk without a cane.  By the 10th treatment I could walk on my own around the block without any assistance besides a back brace.  To say the least I am very happy with my progress and continued with the next half of the treatments.  I am currently on my 19th treatment and still back on my feet.  At my age, 88years old, this treatment is a much better alternative to surgery or pain pills.

Thank you Dr. Graham and staff.

K. Lengel, Modesto


I know its sounds corny, but its true. Even I am amazed. But I've only just begun treatments and I feel so much better.  I was so limited in my movements. I have four children, so I am kept very busy, and having back pain made life very difficult.  I am so blessed to have found this treatment.  The treatment sounded to good to be true, but it truly is!

My wish is for everybody to know that there is an alternative to surgery.    

S. Lara, Modesto

When I first came to Graham Chiropractic I was worried. I had suffered from a stroke and couldn't lift my arm anymore, plus I had sharp, stabbing pain in my neck. I wasn't able to do so many things I used to.  I saw the newspaper ad, and began to have hope that maybe this machine could help.  The staff have been so accommodating, at first I moved very slowly and they are always patient with me.  I enjoy each visit not only because I feel better and have improved range of movement but because the office is such a great environment to be in. 

W. Ball,  Copperopolis 


I first heard about the DRX9000 from my daughter in law who'd been searching the internet for options on low back pain.  She found Dr. Grahams website, and we called the office.

I had such pain, especially when walking.  The pain was so great it would radiate down my legs. I couldn't get anything done around the house.  The pain I was experiencing was becoming unbearable.

After the first treatment I felt relief, then with each subsequent treatment I felt even better.  I would recommend the DRX treatment for anyone that experiences aggravating low back pain,  it's made such a difference in my life.

The staff at Dr Grahams' office are exceptional and have made all my visits an enjoyable experience.

S. Nimocks, Oakdale

"I feel so much better!"

After my first visit I felt so much better.  I could hardly walk into the office, I had so much pain, I was ready to try anything. I was so surprised and grateful for the incredible result I felt even after my first time.  The staff have been amazing and they've made each treatment session a complete mind and body experience.  I feel totally rejuvenated, and ready for the next adventures in life.

C. Brown,Modesto


I first attended for the consult with Dr. Graham and was still skeptical, about the whole procedure.  My wife was the one who put perspective on the whole situation. She said "the car breaks down, we fix it; something breaks in the house we find a way to fix it, so why would we not try to fix your problem and take care of your health!"     I was in so much pain I was ready to cut my legs off, the pain had become so excruciating.

The best decision of my life!, after only a few treatments I felt relief, not only had the pain in my legs disappeared, but my back is now feeling better than it has in my whole life.  I have more flexibility and range of motion.  Thank you Dr. Graham and his great staff for changing my life.  I would pay any amount for the DRX treatments.  Having now experienced the amazing benefits.

A. Crispin, Modesto

 Since doing the DRX9000 treatments my life is so much better.  The results of my MRI showed I had four herniated or bulging discs in my back.  Those irritated discs were causing me excruciating back pain. The sciatic pain going down my left leg was so intense that I could not walk very well or sit for longer than a few minutes which caused me to take a leave from my job for six weeks.  It took me a while to feel the benefits of the machine, but once I did, I felt so good.  I began to move and walk with much greater ease.  The pain began to totally subside and continue to get better and better.  Dr Graham and his staff were excellent in keeping me focused and on track.  I'm for ever grateful for their commitment to helping me improve my life.            

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